Many people design their home before consulting a builder. At Fort Constructions, we can add value and help save you money from the very first day, if you involve us early!

We can help save you money by providing expertise regarding the practicalities of your land – anything is possible, but it comes at a price. Certain build techniques are more appropriate for different blocks, so your land must be a consideration in the design phase. We will gladly visit your site with you to consider the contours of the land, the aspect and a variety of other factors that will contribute to the cost of building your ideal home.

We can also build to your own design if you have one, or explore your ideas for your new home at this stage – bring your scrapbook, a drawing or your Pinterest!

Our qualified and experienced consultants will consider your specific needs and budget when producing plans for your home, so there are no surprises on moving in day. If you aren’t sure where to start, consider some of our home designs, which can be customised to suit you and your land.

In order to keep costs down for you, all details are finalised before work commences and nothing is paid until the client is satisfied with the concept plans and the initial costing for the build.

We will also help you to make an informed decision when selecting your finishes, so that they fall within your budget and suit your lifestyle. Changing the specifications of your build after it has commenced can be costly, due to orders already placed and other factors, so we help you to make sure you are selecting the ideal finishes for your new build.

Fort Constructions can then deliver you a turnkey product with end-to-end service, including professional cleaning before final settlement of your contract, so you can move straight into your new home.

Throughout the build process, we can provide access to confidential online updates in addition to our other communication, because we know that getting out to visit your site isn’t always possible. We will keep you up-to-date with the progress of your build, providing photos and milestone updates.

Fort Constructions also offers all standard builders’ warranties on our work and is an accredited member of the Queensland Master Builders Association, so you can rest assured that your builder is an active and informed participant in the local building industry, held to the highest quality standards.